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How To Find Housing:

Finding housing can often be as challenging as finding a job.Some employers will provide housing at, or near your place of employment.

The employer will deduct a certain amount of money from your wages to cover the cost of housing. Make sure you are aware of these costs up front when you agree to accept the job. Also, if the housing provided by your employer is not within walking distance of your job, find out what type of transportation is available (employee van, public transport, etc.).

If you secure a job with an employer who does not provide accommodation, ask him/her for suggestions on where to find or look for housing. You can also use the Internet to begin your search.

The number of options available on the Internet will vary depending on what area of the US you intend to work. If you have secured a job in a large city you will find a greater number of options available, from online newspaper classifieds to roommate search agencies. If you are in a smaller town you may have considerably fewer options.

Researching transport will also be easier if your job is located in a large city, as many cities in the US have extensive public transport networks to carry its commuters from home to work. Smaller towns will have fewer options.

To find out what online newspapers are available in the area try searching:

YAHOO's US Newspaper Listings

Great classified sections are:
  • share accommodations
  • short-term accommodations
  • rooms for rent
  • furnished rooms for rent
Some suggested examples of search criteria to help you begin your search are:
  • roommate services
  • share accommodation
  • youth hostels
  • newspaper classified
  • You may find it best to conduct your research on the Internet and stay in a youth hostel or hotel/motel when you first arrive until you find suitable housing. If you arrive armed with addresses and phone numbers of housing options you will be half way to finding your accommodation.

A word of warning: To accept housing without seeing it could be risky. When you find housing that is cheap there may be a good reason. It may be in a troubled area or the housing may not have the facilities it advertises. It is always best to preview housing. If you can't do this, make sure you ask many questions.


The following resources have been provided by employers and past participants. Go4Less has not viewed them and take no responsibility for conditions. Please investigate all accommodation situations thoroughly.

Web Sites
  • Find a youth hostel anywhere in the USA
  • Sublet Search for a sublet apartment anywhere in the US
  • Yahoo Rentals Search for temporary and long-term accommodation anywhere in the USA
  • Youth Hostel Association Links to American Youth Hostels Association hostels nationwide
  • “For Rent” Apartment Magazine .Listing of rental properties
Discussion Forums/Message Boards
  • High Country Message board with a roommates section
  • Jobs in Paradise Visit the housing discussion forum through the "Free Housing Help" link. The staff at this site often post very helpful housing leads.
  • Ski Discussion forum dedicated to finding accommodation in ski areas
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