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How to find Housing:

Finding housing can often be as challeging as finding a job. Some employers will provide housing at, or near your place of employment.

The employer will deduct a certain amount of money from your wages to cover the cost of housing. Make sure you are aware of these costs up front when you agree to accept the job. Also, if the housing provided by your employer is not within walking distance of your job, find out what type of transportation is available (employee van, public transport, etc.).

If you secure a job with an employer who does not provide accommodation, ask him/her for suggestions on where to find or look for housing. You can also use the Internet to begin your search.

The number of options available on the Internet will vary depending on what area of the US you intend to work. If you have secured a job in a large city you will find a greater number of options available, from online newspaper classfield to roommate search agencies. If you are in a smaller town you may have considerably fewer options.

Researching transport will also be easier if your jobs located in a large city, as many cities in the US have extensive public transport networks to carry its commuters from home to work. Smaller towns will have fewer options.

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