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USA Internship Visa

( This programme is currently closed until further notice )


Are you in college now and want to travel abroad for work experience?
Travel from 2 – 12 months

Instead of just visiting the USA as a tourist, why not immerse yourself fully in American life through an Internship Visa? An Internship Visa will give you the opportunity to spend from 2 to 12 months working and travelling in the USA. This Visa is open to full-time university level students, postgraduates or recent graduates (within 12 months) whom are seeking practical training directly related to their studies. The Internship Visa should be seen as a career-building experience.

While working with an American company you will gain valuable international work experience. After your job is complete, you can also spend the last month of the programme travelling throughout the US, discovering all the beauty and excitement America has to offer

These programmes are operated jointly by Go4less and our US partner who are leaders in work-based cultural exchange programs in the United States and to date has over 25 years experience.

These visas are open all year around so you can apply at any time of the year.

To Qualify You Must :
  • Be 18 years +
  • You must be an Irish citizen or non national completing your full degree programme in Ireland
  • You must have a pre-arranged job in the US that relates to your course
  • You must be a Full Time Student or Gap Year Student (studying toward a degree), Recent Graduate (within 12 months of graduation) or studying a Post Graduate course
US Employer Requirements

Once you have found a position with a US company you must check that the US Company meets the following requirements for the Internship Programme:

  • Must be able to present a business licence or certificate to operate
  • Provide Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Verification of address, phone number and business activities by website.
  • Provide Workman’s Compensation Insurance Policy. We will need verification of Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy or equivalent in each state or, if applicable, evidence of state exemption from requirement of coverage.
  • Have at least USD 3 million in annual revenues or more than 25 employees or a site visit is required.
  • We will only accept applications for Employers in the continental US and Hawaii(Other terrtories will not be accepted)
  • 10-1 ratio: We will only accept applications for Employers with a 10-1 ratio(10 full time employees-1 intern ratio)
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