USA Career Training Visas - Budget

Career Training Visa

Financial Support Evidence:

While this is a work programme, you must come to the USA with enough funds to pay for your initial expenses and to support yourself until you receive your first pay cheque.

You must submit a bank statement to the US Embassy/Consulate and at US Immigration in order to prove that you can support yourself and will not pose a burden on the US Government. Keep in mind that you should have sufficient start up funds (min $1500) when entering the US

Credit cards - A credit card is advisable as it is accepted in most stores in the USA and can provide emergency funds if something should go wrong.


You should budget for expenses that may incur prior to receiving your first pay cheque. These include: travel to employer, food, housing, housing deposit, transportation to and from work, temporary housing until you find permanent housing if your employ

Approximate budget:

  • Housing costs from $0-$500/month
  • Food costs from $150-$300/month
  • Transportation costs from $0-$40/month
  • Housing related deposits
  • Social Security Card delay - Independents whose employers will not pay wages without a Social Security number should have enough funds to cover expenses while they look for a job or wait for the Social Security number to be processed.